Entrepreneurial New Year’s Resolution Quotes

Entrepreneurs tend to focus their New Year’s resolutions on business success and aspirations. However, not all business owners want to be in 2021. We heard from hundreds business owners around the globe who shared their resolutions and their favourite inspirational quotes to keep them inspired.

Are you ready to be inspired and supported by small business owners like yourself? These are 25 of our top inspirational quotes for business leaders in 2021.

  1. “Never look down upon anyone unless you are helping him up.” Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.

David Deaton is the CEO and founder at Deaton Group. He stated that his resolution for 2019 was to increase the value he provides to clients with smaller budgets and provide more budget-focused options. After increasing the volume of his 2020 deals, Deaton now has the chance to reach out to small clients and provide the support they need. Jackson is inspired by Jackson’s quote because it is all about collaboration.

“As an entrepreneur this is a very important quotation because it is how we collaborate, partner and help others to build their own way to success.

  1. “Done is better that perfect.” Sheryl Sandberg

Francis Mariela Communications president and owner, is a perfectionist who has recently discovered that flexibility is vital. Her job requires her find innovative solutions to her clients’ problems. This is her New Year’s Resolution.

“So often, perfection is the only thing that matters. It leaves no room to be flexible. Sometimes the reality of a project being completed is better than any imagined perfection. Professionals often imagine how perfect a project would be if it could be completed in the right time, within budget and according to our requirements. We must always consider the client’s needs and combine our expertise to achieve the best outcome for the project. Although perfection is not always possible, it is important for publicists to see it as such. It is literally about delivering the best possible outcome for the project.

  1. “You never fail until you stop trying” – Albert Einstein

Jonathan Javier is the founder and CEO at Wonsulting. He stated that his New Year’s resolution was to help millions of job-seekers land jobs and internships by 2021. Javier has helped thousands of people from non-traditional backgrounds and schools. He hopes to make a bigger impact in the coming year. To stay motivated, he plans to use the Albert Einstein quote.

This is my favorite quote. It’s because you can keep working hard at everything you do and it will all come together. COVID-19 was a devastating event for my business. I thought it was the final straw. It was just the beginning. We were able pivot and turn it into a profitable company, which allowed me to leave the corporate world and pursue entrepreneurship full-time.

  1. “There should not be any boundaries to human endeavour. Each person is unique. Regardless of how bad your life is, there are always things you can do and achieve success in. There is life. But there is also hope. Stephen Hawking

Kevin Groh, the co-founder and CEO of Cachi Life is a travel company that changes the way travelers see Peru and gives back to the communities. The country’s restrictions on border crossings have prevented Peruvian tour guides from working for the past eight months. Now that the border has been reopened, his New Years resolution is to get his Peruvian tour guide back to work to provide for his family.

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“I love this quote because it reminds me that no matter how hard things seem or how down you may feel, there is always something we can do to make a difference in someone’s life or another person’s. With that reminder, everything is possible.

  1. “Be grateful for what you have. You will end up with more. You will always have more if you focus on what you don’t have. – Oprah Winfrey

Asli Samanci, founder and CEO of Bee & You, told us that her New Year’s resolution was to read two books per month. According to Asli Samanci, the Oprah Winfrey quote she finds inspiring is “fostering thankfulness”.

“I love this quote because it demonstrates my belief in the power and importance of gratitude. My personal and professional goals are always to be focused and positive.

Ryan Guina is no stranger in setting and achieving goals. He will draw inspiration from one of his favourite inspirational quotes.

“I have heard many variations of this quote but the one I first heard it from is Michael Hyatt, a bestselling author and entrepreneur. This is something that many entrepreneurs struggle with. This quote inspired me to change my schedule. I added more buffer time for interruptions and worked towards longer-term goals that require more planning and time.

Brilliantly Visible founder, Pri Kruijen was one of many entrepreneurs who shared their New Year’s resolution to achieve a better work/life balance. This Oscar Wilde quote is what inspires her, and she shared with us how it motivates and motivated her every day.

It means that no matter how difficult or dire our circumstances (the gutter), we can still look forward (the stars) to keep dreaming. To remind me of this quote, I keep a trail of stars on my wrist.

  1. “Quem nao arrisca nao petisca.” Unknown

Gabrielle Horta is the founder and owner of liveLUSO. This online community for all things Portuguese aims to improve time management and prioritization. In her own words, the quote she shared with us translated to “he who does not risk doesn’t snack/eat.” She went on to explain its meaning to us.

“In essence, you can’t risk taking any kind of reward if you don’t take a chance. This is a great statement. Yes, financial motivation is a key factor in running a small business. You’re also motivated by an intrinsic desire for people to benefit from what you believe. Even when you aren’t sure of your success, it is the little things that motivate you to keep working hard on your business.

  1. “Whether you believe you can, or don’t think so, you are correct.” Henry Ford

Castaline Insurance Agency president Jeff Smith says that this quote is one of his favorite quotes.

“I love this quote because I remember that my success is my responsibility and that my mental well-being is an important part of that success. It is easy to assume that the outside world will determine our fate. Our thoughts and actions play a much greater role in our outcomes than we could have ever imagined. No matter what is going on outside .”, I will ensure that my thoughts translate into actions that yield results.


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