Tangerine Pensions Limited – What You Should Know

Tangerine Pensions Limited is Nigeria’s most renowned pension fund administrator. A team of experts is committed to serving more than 89,000 customers. They manage customer assets valued at over N74 billion, including RSA and retiree databases. Tangerine Pensions Limited is dedicated to creating lasting financial relationships with clients and assuring their better future.

Tangerine pensions limited

A limited overview of Tangerine pensions

Penman pension limited was established in 2006 by Tangerine pensions limited. Mansard insurance, a well-known insurance company, bought shares and became a major shareholder in 2014.

The pension company has been licensed by PenCom to act as a pension fund administrator (PFA). They also offer consultancy and pension advice, along with government services.

Eustacia purchased the company on the 26th April 2021. Eustacia is a company managed by Verod Capital Management Limited. Verod is a leading private equity firm in West Africa. They are focused on creating economic value throughout Africa. You can learn more about the pensions scheme in Nigeria.

What products and services are offered by Tangerine Pensions Limited?

Tangerine pensions Limited offers a variety of pension services to its clients. These include:

  1. Retirement Savings Account (RSA).

An RSA can be opened with AXA Mansard. Monthly contributions are also possible. You and your employer will be required to contribute 8% and 10% respectively. You will also receive a certificate of registration regarding the account when you register. This certificate will include your PIN and other details pertaining your RSA.

  1. 2.

The MPP allows self-employed people to contribute to their retirement fund. This scheme is also available to employees of organizations with fewer than three employees. The MPP allows unions, associations and trades to join the scheme.

The MPP is voluntary and not obligatory for self-employed. The MPP has three main benefits. These include:

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  • Ability to withdraw before retiring
  • You can adjust your contribution transfer amount
  • It will help you attain financial independence in your later years
  • You can basically open a Micro-pension account via AXA Mansard’s website.
  1. Additional Voluntary Contributions

Voluntary contributions are voluntary contributions that you choose to make to your RSA. These contributions are set apart by your pension fund administrator from your monthly RSA donations. Your AVC can only be accessed once every two years. However, you must leave your AVC for at least 24 months before you can access it.

All NSITF Contributors are eligible to transfer their balances in accordance with the Pension Reform Act 2014. This simply means you can transfer funds from your NSITF into your RSA. These are the documents that you will need to complete an NSITF fund-transfer:

  • NSITF Membership Certificate
  • A copy of the completed NSITF Transfer Form
  • Valid identification card
  1. 5.

Tangerine Pensions Limited is a group of specialists that can manage your existing approved schemes (AES). This company can provide the best possible services to meet your needs. They also manage existing schemes for both public and private companies in Nigeria. These features are the core of the uniqueness that makes the company stand out.

How do I transfer RSA to AXA Mansard

AXA Mansard permits you to make RSA transfers only once a calendar year. Here are the steps:

  1. You can begin by visiting any Tangerine Pensions Branch.
  2. You will then need to submit the RSA transfer request along with all details.
  3. Next, verify your identity using fingerprint authentication.
  4. Lastly, your RSA balance can be transferred from your current PFA into AXA Mansard Pensions.


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