Top 5 Suggestions for a Productive Technical Support Service

How do you create a high-quality and efficient technical support system for your company? What are the top tips to ensure that all customers are satisfied with the technical support received? These and other questions will be answered in our article on the top five tips to build a world-class service of technical support for your business. Enjoy!

Because of the technical peculiarities involved, technical support is more complex than customer support. Your support team must have sufficient technical knowledge to assist you in your chosen area of expertise, Rails developer or WordPress website.

This is why it’s not surprising that many companies have trouble establishing a successful technical support department and receive negative feedback from customers. If you have the right information, this situation can be fixed quickly. These are just a few examples:

  • To see if similar problems have been solved, look at previous tickets
  • Notes on each ticket: Take them with you and share
  • Customers shouldn’t be sent self-help links, Q&As or videos. Always assist them.
  • Report crashes and bugs
  • Get feedback and suggestions for improvement

Each of these top tips will be discussed in detail. Let’s get started.

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Examine Past Tickets

Sometimes, the issue you’re trying to solve is already solved in previous tickets. You can search through our database for tickets from the past. There may be similar tickets that were resolved. Your support staff should always review past tickets before attempting to resolve a problem completely.

Make Notes and Take them to Share

Every ticket is a learning opportunity. It’s a smart idea to make notes about every ticket and then share them with your team. You can make a folder for such notes, or add comments to each ticket in your CRM interface.

Do not send them self-help resources

We know that technical support articles advise you to send customers self-help links rather than trying to resolve a ticket by yourself. Most companies also do this. Customers hate it, we must say. Customers don’t like to read long FAQs or guides, or watch videos. They don’t want any effort or to spend precious time on it.

They expect you to solve the problem for them and get it done as soon as possible. It should be your policy to not send self-help resources to customers and to solve all problems yourself. This will show customers that you care and they will be grateful.

Report Bugs and Crashes

You can use tickets to identify bugs or crashes that you have not yet identified. You should make it a habit to report bugs and errors to the technical department/CTO, or anyone else responsible. This will allow you to improve your products and services.

Get feedback and ideas for improvement

Similar to bugs, tickets can give you new ideas for improvement. You can gather feedback from customers to find out what they want improved or if they have suggestions for new features.


An efficiently-operating technical support service which customers are satisfied with is vital for the successful operation of your business. You can help your customers love your technical support service by checking previous tickets, taking notes and sharing them, solving all tickets yourself, reporting any bugs or crashes and collecting valuable feedback from customers.

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