What Is an Elevator Pitch and How to Create One

Imagine you’re in an elevator. The elevator stops and the vice president at the company you wish to work steps in.

Melanie Winograd (marketing specialist at IMPACT Group) stated that “the doors close and you have 20-30 seconds to grab his attention.” “Quick! “Quick! ”

Although you won’t encounter many elevator encounters like these, it’s possible to have similar situations in real life. Winograd stated that it is important to take advantage of the time you have with potential investors, employers, or other networking contacts.

The elevator pitch is here to help. If done well, this short, pre-planned statement can be your secret weapon and open the door to additional communication.

Winograd states that an elevator pitch should be engaging, memorable and spark interest. It should last between 30 and 60 seconds, which is the average length of an elevator ride. You risk losing the attention of your audience if you make it too long. If you keep it short, you could lose important information. She asked you to include details about your business, which will encourage conversation and open-ended questions from the person you are pitching.
How do I begin a career elevator pitch?

Iris Kloth is a Hong Kong-based career coach at IMPACT Group. She uses basic templates to help clients create their elevator pitches. Kloth said that you can use these questions to help create one to three sentences about your self.

Career coach and transition coach Fabienne Hansoul suggests using your LinkedIn profile to get ideas and start your career.

She said that LinkedIn lists your expertise, core skills, personality traits, and experience. These elements give you a clear picture about your strengths. These key points can be tied together by sharing an accomplishment, career goal and skill set. ”
How long should an elevator pitch be for investors?

Hamilton College says that the length of an elevator pitch for investors is different from a job opening. It depends on the audience you are targeting and the number of ideas you want to convey. The purpose of an elevator pitch is to generate interest, not just to present all aspects of your business idea. Your pitch should grab attention and be captivating. It should leave your audience wanting more. Don’t overload the pitch with too much information. This will distract from your target audience.

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Focus on the key points of your business plan where you have more time. Allow your audience to question your ideas and ask questions. Listen to their concerns and be open to receiving feedback.
Tips for preparing your pitch

You don’t want your audience to be overwhelmed by boring details about you or your business. Instead, your pitch should have a clear outline with points that are both interesting and useful to them. These are some key points to help you craft your elevator pitch before presenting it.

Describe what you are trying to accomplish.

Your pitch should have a goal. Your elevator pitch should highlight your strongest skills if you are looking for work. Focus on the mutual benefits you can offer your audience and yourself if you plan to start a company or seek additional funding.

Know your unique proposition.

It is important to remember that others are also trying to pitch their ideas or get into a similar job. Focus on what makes you and your business unique in your pitch.

Practice delivering your pitch.

While looking at your elevator pitch, you can also observe your facial expressions and listen to your voice. It doesn’t matter how good your elevator pitch is. If you can’t deliver it confidently and compellingly, it will be pointless.
When and how to use an elevator pitch

An elevator pitch can be used in many situations. These are some examples from MindTools and Elevator Pitching Essentials.
During individual introductions

Effective introductions require an elevator pitch that captures your personality. Confidence is key to showcasing your best skills and what you can do for an organization. You might be able to find the right people interested in your business ideas or skills and give them an opportunity.
At trade shows

People often visit various booths during trade shows. People don’t stay at one booth long so that you have only a few minutes to grab their attention.

There are many other opportunities to use an elevator pitch, such as group discussions and lunch meetings or group travel.
Elevator pitch example

This is a HubSpot sample pitch that you can use for individual introductions.

“Nice to have you as a guest. John is my name. Better Than the Rest Cable is my sales rep. We assist hotels all over the United States to find the right cable provider and plan that suits their needs. We help hotels find the best cable plan that is cost-effective, guest-friendly, and affordable with regional experts assigned to each account. ”

This grabs the attention of your audience and gives them lots of information in a short time.
Make a great impression

Consider how others will perceive you when you present your elevator pitch. Career coaches agree that it is important to communicate clearly what you do, what your strengths are and why you excel at what you do. Your goal is to make the audience understand your business and what it can do for them.

Gee Ranasinha (CEO of Kexino), a marketing services company, said that “it’s not about me.” Put yourself in the shoes of the listener. Use the value message to solve a problem. Avoid technobabble and jargon. Without getting into the details of the product’s operation or how it is better than the rest, talk about the solution you propose. Do not tie up every loose thread – allow for questions. ”

Ranasinha stressed that pitching should be concise. It is important to communicate your message clearly and early.

Ranasinha suggested that you think of your pitch as a blog post. Start with your headline, your value promise. Then spend the rest time supporting your position with evidence, case studies, or testimonials. ”

Ranasinha said that an elevator pitch should not be static or rote. Instead of reciting a scripted speech, engage your audience by asking them a question that is related to the problem your product or service solves.

You can turn an unexpected meeting into a new world of opportunities by taking the time to edit, refine and craft your pitch.

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